Welcome to our online store where you can join the bIrobot Team as a sponsor  by “shopping” for supplies we use.  You can also buy shirts, stickers and other products with our logo on them.   Either way you support the team and STEM education at BICS.  Get started by pushing the button below.

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Please note that a number of items in the store are donations to the team to help cover our expenses.  Rather than just ask for money, we thought it would help for you to have an idea of the cost of various items we need to build our robot and operate the team. So, you can make a donation by “purchasing” one (or more) of parts and supplies we need.  You can mix and match to come up with a total that matches what you want to give.  All of these purchase count to meeting our various sponsorship and rewards levels: 

  • Level 1 $50-$99 (you receive our gratitude and recognition on our website and in our promo materials)
  • Level 2 $100-$299 (you receive all the items listed above plus your logo on the team uniform shirt)*
  • Level 3 $300-$499 (you receive all the items listed above plus a team uniform  shirt and your logo on the robot)*
  • Level 4 $500+ (you receive all the items listed above plus you will be announced as a primary sponsor at competitions** and receive a personalized recognition video posted on the bIrobot website and social medias)

If you prefer, you should feel free to make your donation by sending a check to Beaver Island Community School with the bIrobot Team in the memo line.  The address of the school is 37895 King’s Highway  Beaver Island, MI 49782.  If you have any questions about the school or the robotics team, please call 231-448-2744.   


Our store also includes merchandise that sports our logo.  If an item shows no stock, that means we’ll need to order it so delivery will take additional time.  If you live on Beaver Island, we suggest you save shipping costs by choosing “Pickup at School” as your shipping option. If you do, we’ll deliver your item to the front desk at the school for pickup.  Give us two days to get that done.


Team T-Shirt Front Team T-shirt Back

* To include your logo on our team uniform or on the robot we need you to sign up as a sponsor my our Stop Build Date, which is February 20, 2018. 
** Subject to availability.

Time Until 2nd District Event