Tatooine Alliance Mission Sponsor




Tatooine is Luke Skywalker’s birthplace, home to the detestable Mos Isley Spaceport and lots of sand. Your participation as a Tatooine Alliance Mission Sponsor will will do the most to help our team achieve Infinite Recharge for the very worthy residents of Tatooine:

  • Prime logo placement on our robot;
  • Prime logo placement on our team shirts;
  • Prime recognition on our website;
  • Two (2) team t-shirts, a team sticker and a team “challenge” key fob (so you won’t get caught having to buy the Gatorade at our next team meeting); and
  • The gratitude of the team for your support of bIrobot’s Infinite Recharge mission.

This item is a donation to Beaver Island Community School’s FIRST FRC robotics program. You will receive a contribution acknowledgement for the amount of your donation less $30 (the value of the items we will provide to you). To receive your gifts, use the coupon code you receive in your receipt emailed to order the items from the the store. Check the email for full details.

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