Let’s crank up the volume for Crescendo 2024, our electrifying robotics competition that’s all about making noise and creating a symphony of innovation! Building on the Charged Up theme from last year, we’re dialing it up a notch, focusing on the power of sound and music.

Our sponsorship levels are tuned to match the crescendo theme, offering different ways for you to amplify the impact of this year’s event. Instead of renewable energy, choose your base donation from various contributions that resonate with the rhythm of Crescendo.

Whether you’re into high-energy beats or subtle harmonies, there’s a donation level that suits your vibe. The Donation Shop is your backstage pass to explore the recognition and benefits that come with each level.

Join us in creating a sonic masterpiece and let’s rock Crescendo 2024 together. It’s time to amplify the innovation, crank up the collaboration, and make this year’s robotics competition a resounding success!