Welcome to our online store where you can join the bIrobot Team as a sponsor or shop for bIrobot logo gear.  To join us as a sponsor, just click the Donate button below.  You can choose your basic sponsorship level and add to it in $10 or $100 increments. You can also support us by shopping in our store for shirts, stickers and other products with our logo on them.  Just click the Shop button below.


You can choose to support us at any level. Click on the Donate button above to reach the Donation Shop.  Then choose your base level of support and, if you’d like to support us a little more (but not all the way to the next level), add one or more mission booster amounts of $1, $10 or $100.  (You can also support us with just one or more of these boosters–so as little as $5).  No donation is too small.  Every dollar helps. 

After you have added a donation to your cart, please consider heading over to our Logo Gear Shop to purchase a t-shirt, sticker or other logo gear to let the world know you support bIrobot. 

If you prefer, you should feel free to make your donation by sending or dropping off a check to Beaver Island Community School with the bIrobot Team in the memo line.  The address of the school is 37895 King’s Highway  Beaver Island, MI 49782. 



Our Logo Gear Shop has merchandise that sports our logo.  If an item shows no stock, that means we’ll need to order it so delivery will take additional time.  If you live on Beaver Island, we suggest you save shipping costs by choosing “Pickup at School” as your shipping option. If you do, we’ll deliver your item to the front desk at the school for pickup.  Give us two days to get that done. Our most popular item has been our classic bIrobot t-shirt.  You can jump right to that product by clicking on the pictures below.


Team T-Shirt Front Team T-shirt Back

If you have any questions about the school or the robotics team, please call 231-448-2744.  

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